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Don't sweat it this Summer!

  • Cook outside: Take advantage of fresh food and the BBQ this summer and leave the cooking heat outside.

  • Sun dry: Let your laundry dry outside instead of adding the dryer heat to your cool inside.

  • Change your filters: Replacing your air conditioner filters is important. Dirty filters slow airflow and make the system work harder, not only lowering your homes air quality, but eventually leading to costly maintenance or system failure.

  • Install a programable thermostat: Programable thermostats give you more control over when the AC is higher or lower. Smart thermostats are even better, giving you full control when at home or away.

  • Keep your AC maintained: Regular maintenance and cleanings will keep your AC working at its highest efficiency. When your AC is dirty or covered with debris, it has to work harder to do its job. Not only does this shorten its life, but it also costs more to run it.

  • Use ceiling fans to your advantage: During the summer make sure the fan is spinning counter-clockwise so that it creates a downward airflow. This produces a windchill effect and stirs up cool air near the floor. The fan will not lower the overall temperature in the room—it stirs the cool air up cooling the areas of the room where people are by about 4 degrees. Turn off the fan when you leave the room to save energy.

  • Insulate your attic: No matter the age of your home your attic should be well insulated to increase efficiency and protect against drastic temperature changes. If your home is older it is worth replacing or adding to the insulation with a newer, more efficient option.

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