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Keep your furnace working for a very long time.

If you are not getting the heat or air you should or even if you are thinking about having your furnace cleaned please read this first:

The other day I was at a new clients home installing an AC window unit. The homeowner told me that her laundry room furnace wasn’t working as well as she thought it should. She shared that she had many HVAC companies out to look at the furnace over the years and it wasn’t getting better. After spending some time listening to her I showed her how laundry room lint can get sucked into furnace. It can get caked up and stick to the blower wheel. On top of that lint and dust can even squeeze through the evaporator coil and coat its fins—clogging that up too. This is a big deal because your air flow always has to go through the evaporator coil. It was obvious that her evaporator coil had not been cleaned. This left the passage too small for much air to get though. After looking around a bit more at her system I found that her furnace return was also too small and she now had 7 giant cracks in her system. I was upset inside on her behalf. It is so disappointing to see this happen. When I come to help you that is my goal—to save the day, not deliver bad news. This homeowner ended up needing a new furnace and it could have been avoided had she received better care from previous companies. If you get a cleaning from anywhere else make sure you ask them specifically to check the blower wheel and the airflow across the evaporator coil. If you are curious or uncertain at all— ask them to show it to you.

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